Social Media Explained: Taking Proper Measurements

In the last episode of Social Media Explained we talked about establishing your social presence. I went over some easy tips to remember when branding yourself, using keywords and hashtags, and showing the social sphere that you know a thing or two about a thing or two. In case you missed it, you can catch up here. (And here's the one before that on picking the platform that's right for you. Just in case.) This week we’re going to discuss how to properly analyze your efforts. It’s important to use some tracking tools from time to time to gauge how we are doing. Are our social efforts being seen/heard? What can be done better? What’s working and what’s not? And quite possibly the most important question of them all: Is this worth all the time and effort I am investing?

Social media marketing is great, but (#realtalk) it’s not for everyone. What works for Person X might not work as well for you. Just because your industry idol is huge on Twitter, doesn’t necessarily mean that you will also shine as brilliantly on Twitter. There is no universal formula for social media marketing. Just like any marketing strategy, it needs to be watched carefully and tweaked frequently.

Solitary reflection with your social sites is critical if this relationship is ever going to work.

Taking Proper Measurements

So let’s dive in with some tips and tricks when it comes to taking proper measurements!

Here are some of the common Q's answered by metric analysis: - What’s working? What’s NOT working? - Who is my main demographic? Who keeps coming back for more? - What are they coming back for more of? Photos? Links? Videos? Quotes? Witty status updates? - When are my peeps active? When is the best time to post? - Are my efforts bringing in new people, losing my existing fans, or are we just plateauing? Why? - What should I do differently moving forward? Is there something I should be posting more of? Less of?

Three easy to use and 100% FREE analysis tools for Facebook/Twitter:

1. Facebook Insights These are amazing. Once you hit 30 likes on your page (not your personal profile, but rather your business/brand/product page), Facebook starts tracking the number of views , the total reach, and the virality of each of your posts. But that is literally just the tip of the iceberg - you can also see how many people clicked on your post, or how many visits your Facebook page has had this day/week/month, or even where your fans live on a map. Insights is super comprehensive and I highly encourage you to play around with it to explore all that it has to offer!

2. Tweet Reach This is hands down my most favorite tool for Twitter analysis. You can generate a report for individual user accounts OR for individual hashtags. The report will show the account/hashtag’s reach, exposure, activity summary, top 40 contributors, most retweeted tweets, and the last 50 tweets from that person or with that hashtag. It’s amazing and I love it and you will too. I promise.

3. Bitly When sharing your own blog posts or web articles on Facebook or Twitter, be sure to use a tool like bitly to shorten long URLs. Not only does it save you some characters in your posts, but bitly also saves the link and tracks it’s reach in all the places you use it. How many people clicked that link you tweeted out yesterday? Bitly knows. How many other people shortened, saved, and shared this link? Bitly holds the answers you seek. Use this tool. It’s magical.

Social media tracking can be really fun - it’s exciting to see the real time results of your efforts! You can either check in every few days sporadically or set aside a chunk of time every month to do an in-depth analysis.

But if you’re feeling overwhelmed or just want someone else who already knows how to navigate through these tools simply do the dirty work and deliver the results, drop me a line at to discuss some of my Social Slingshot services.

I hope that you guys are enjoying this Social Media Explained series! If you have any further questions or concerns, it would be my honor to assist you. Drop your comments below, share them on my Facebook page, or shoot me an email with more private requests.

Next week I'm diving into my favorite tools to aggregate and schedule a full month's social content. Stay tuned for more!

Tangled up in my measuring tape, xx Nikbear