Spring Break Edition

Winter Music Conference success!! I had such a good time attending all the events last week and raging it up with everyone despite extreme exhaustion and mild illness. In true March spirit, the madness continues this week as it is my LAST SPRING BREAK EVER HOLY MACKEREL! I will be spending most of my weekdays working, but the weekend kickoff (overlapping with the end of WMC) was spectacular and I have some fun things planned for the rest of this week too.

For most college students, spring break means either travel south to the Bahamas/Mexico or go home for a week and get in some free laundry, home cooked food and days to sleep in. For the students of UM, spring break means HOLLER ITS RAGING TIME. We live where you come to vacation and although it sounds like a dream, most weeks there's nothing worse than sitting in the library/your office while it's 85 degrees and sunshining right outside your door.

Below I've listed some of the spring break activities that I have already engaged in, plan to engage in or that my friends are engaging in while I workworkwork.

  1. Go to the beach. Yeah, ok, this seems pretty obvious and it seems like this is something that I can do any/every weekend. Well I can, but I don't because I'm brown and busy. Last Sunday I had the privilege of going to South Beach at Crandon Park on Key Biscayne and it was my first time at the beach since spring break 2010. Jeez Louise I need a break from reality. Anyways, I was very grateful for some fun in the sun and a 12 pack of Heinies with some good friends. Here in Miami, we have a nice variety of beaches to choose from - I tend to prefer Key Biscayne because it's closer and way less crowded than anything on Miami Beach.
  2. Go to the Grove. Again, another very typical UM student adventure, but it's something that I really don't do very often. I used to go to the Grove here and there freshman and sophomore year to watch all the drunk people, but last weekend was the first time I went to the Grove since I turned 21. We went to celebrate a friend's birthday at Mr. Moe's and I sampled my first ever 'Moose Juice' - a lethal combination of liquors and fruit juices BUT OH MY GOD SO DELICIOUS. The moose is loose. Beware.
  3. Engage in some old fashioned spring cleaning. Between midterms, work, WMC, allergy season keeping me in a state of drowsiness or unconsciousness, and general college life my apartment is wrecked. It looks like an unruly 3 year old has been living there for the past week. My clothes are everywhere, books are all over the place and different handbags for different events/occasions line my living room wall like soldiers ready to charge. Some serious spring cleaning is in order this week. I can't live in this kind of chaos anymore.
  4. Meander along Lincoln Road Mall. This is something that I actually get to do a lot because my office is right on Lincoln Road on Miami Beach. However, wandering around this area on my lunch break this time of year is always something extra fun because of all the spring breaking college kids and their crazy shenanigans. PLUS a lot of my friends are in the area so I get to meet up with them for lunch time burgers or happy hour sessions on the beach. Come to me. Let us play.
  5. Go to Key West. Last year I decided to take my visiting friend Emily for a camping trip in Key Largo and then onwards to Key West for St. Patrick's Day with a few friends. This year, that same group of friends are going to Key West AGAIN for St. Patrick's Day (I guess it's like a Pringles thing - once you pop, you just can't stop). Unfortunately, I can't make the trek down there with them, but I will say that Key West is a ridiculously fun place to be for spring break and if you have the time/money to go, DO IT. Always remember to plan in advance though because rooms go fast and prices skyrocket pretty quickly.
  6. Take a night off. Seriously, everyone needs some down time and some personal time. Saturdays in the Grove mean Farmers Market and this weekend (once my apartment is clean as a whistle) I fully intend on going out there and buying some delicious produce and making a tasty home-cooked meal with some yummy baked goods and having a night in with a good bottle of wine, my knitting, a good movie and maybe a new book. Friends are always welcome so if you are reading this and want to come pig out with me, let me know!!


Of course, in the city like Miami there are lots of parties and club events and crazy shenanigans going on, but these are my spring break picks for a lull between Winter Music Conference and Miami Music Week. Things are gonna get pretty crazy again next week, and there's only so much that this one little bear can handle in a 3 week span.

Until next time friends! Enjoy the holidays!

xxx Nikki