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In this life we are constantly growing and evolving. Every moment in your life is a fork in the road. Every decision you make will change ‘what might be’ into ‘what happened.’ And once something has happened, it can never unhappen. ...That’s some heavy sh*t. And it can be really scary sometimes for people to come to terms with that kind of power - the power to change their own lives. I think that’s the reason so many religions gained so much popularity and widespread acceptance. I think that’s why so many people turn to religion or even things like astrology and numerology. Knowing that your every choice is affecting the bigger picture of your life can be really intimdating, and sometimes people just want to believe that a higher power is in play. It comforts them to think that something or someone has predetermined at least some if not all of your life’s path. You can relax because some higher force has already figured out the big stuff. Maybe it’s because they’re terrified of making the wrong choice. Maybe it’s because they’re terrified of the blame they’ll have to put on themselves if things go wrong.

Photo by Hillary Weiss

This isn’t to say that I’m not a spiritual person - but I’m beginning to realize more and more that even though I have been raised in an environment more or less free from religious persecution, I’ve been brought up by a Hindu family, and educated in the rest of the religions of the world… even though I’ve had all that, I don’t think I’m a very religious person. I embrace the mythology and the traditions, but more because it gives me a connection to my homeland. And the morals and beliefs that I have pulled from all kinds of religions are not because a divine spirit told me to believe them, but because I agree with them and they seem like good morals and beliefs to have. They guide me towards being what I define as a good person.

And that’s what I want to talk about for today’s Mental Health post. (Sorry, that intro was a bit long winded, but sometimes I have to share all my feels. And I have a lot of feels, guys.)

Last week Gala Darling wrote an interesting post on numerology that rekindled this whole conversation in my brain. Numerology isn't exactly a new concept to me. In college, a friend of mine developed a deep interest in exploring concepts of fate, destiny, and prewritten journeys for our souls. She had been gifted a Birthday Book and I'd be lying if I said I didn't take a peek or two out of curiosity. Of course, it's something that you can get totally sucked into for hours or even days so I've definitely just grazed the tip of the iceberg here.

I read the descriptions for my personality and my strengths and my weaknesses and what was written about my birthday definitely resonated with me.... but then again, I didn't take the time to read other birthday descriptions. So for all I know they could all be vague enough to be relatable....

But I tend to have the same reaction to numerology, tarot readings, and horoscopes: It's totally fun to think about, but come on... really? I try not to take things too literally, because in reality - what could someone who knows nothing about my past or my present know what my future looks like? I do, however, believe that there is practical application for these predictions.

I've noticed that I tend to peek under the hood of destiny only when I'm searching for options. Whether they be for options in my personal life, my career, or just to gain a better understanding of who I am and what I'm all about. I consider myself a fairly rational human being - I like to weigh out all my options before making any big decisions. I try to pick the best option, but I always ponder on the worst possible outcome and what my reaction would be should such a thing happen. I like to be prepared.

Reading my horoscope helps me weight out the options and prepare for things that I may not have thought of originally. As each situation is spelled out for me, I take a moment or two to linger on my reaction to it. Am I proud? Am I ashamed? Am I excited? Am I scared? Why am I feeling this way towards this description and can I do anything to enhance or prevent that feeling? I ask the universe to guide me towards what feels most natural.

So, friends, what I'm getting at is this: Don't be afraid to play with horoscopes and numerology. Just remember to strip it down to its bare bones, think about how each outcome makes you feel, and use it as a basis to implement make decisions that will leaving you feeling proud and satisfied and progressive.

I'm not looking at my horoscope to be passively prepared for what's coming at me (a plan created by a divine force, yeah right).... I'm trying to logically apply it to my decision making skills and create the life I want to be in.

Every choice is an opportunity. So wouldn't you want to do some proper (emotional) research before choosing? I know I would.

Star gazing, xx Nikbear

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