Suburbia and Seasons

Hello friends! So, much to my disappointment, I was unable to do any of the things that I had originally intended to do this week due to some minor life complications. Ok, well I suppose that discovering I need to get my wisdom teeth pulled but I no longer have dental insurance isn't really minor - but that's a whole different story. I wanted so desperately to make my Cinnamon Sugar Pull Apart Bread, and go boutique bouncing and start collecting supplies for my hula hoop - but I got none of that done. Because I have been stuck in suburbia all week long. Ugh. Don't get me wrong - suburban New Jersey is where I spent most of my formidable years and it's a perfectly lovely, relaxing and beautiful place (not all of Jersey is bad as everyone seems to think it is, I promise) but I am so much more of a city girl than I am a suburban girl. It has been nice to spend some time with my parents and pamper myself with a manicure and other girly things, but there's only so much peace and quiet I can stand...

Never fear though, because after sitting on my back porch this morning with a cup of coffee I finally found the silver lining to being here... seasons are just better in suburbia, and one season in particular: AUTUMN! Autumn is my most favorite thing in the whole world. Seriously. More than puppies, more than babies, more than chocolate, more than whiskey, more than *ahem-ahem-naughty-naughty-wink-wink-nudge-nudge*, yeah that's right I went there... I love autumn more than ANYTHING else in this world. Which is why nobody was more shocked than me when I decided to go to Miami, Florida for 4 years of college - the only place in the country that is guaranteed to skip over autumn.

Why the infatuation with the season you ask? Well, I could ask you why you AREN'T infatuated with it? From the colors that the trees turn here (we are the GARDEN STATE after all) to the crisp fall breeze that sends a shiver down my spine to the smell of spices and delicious things baking to the return of the routine after a summer haze to my two most favorite holidays to apple picking to pumpkin carving to family gatherings to comfy cardigans to rainy days spent inside knitting and watching movies to moccasins and scarves to, wait did i mention the colors? Well they totally merit repeating. The colors, duke, the colors. It's a photographer's wet dream. It's also a daydreamer's wet dream. Good thing I'm both.

I'm so excited to be back in the northeast to bear witness (teehee bear witness) to my most favorite season. Oh, beloved autumn, let's never be apart ever again. If I had it my way, we would be living in autumn 365 days a year. Ok. /swooning.

On a related note, in honor of the change in seasons and the big changes in my life that have been happening (moving into my own apartment in NYC, #nbd) I decided to make some drastic changes to my physical appearance. A purging of my soul, if you will. My claim to fame for the past two years have been my long, flowing dark tresses. Well. Yesterday. I murdered that claim to fame. I chopped off roughly eleven inches of my hair. LIBERATED! And feeling fantastic because I donated my hair to Locks of Love. Hooray! Frabjuous day! I will admit, it's a little bizarre sitting here right now typing this with my hair pulled back into a ponytail and not being able to feel an avalanche of hair down my neck and back. Weird, but in an awesome kind of way.

So with a new hair do and a fresh attitude, I'm ready to plow through the rest of my week and get my sh*t done so I can return to the big apple tomorrow and rock the weekend away. It's been a hell of a week and I've worked my ass off doing transcriptions and making money. I did the responsible thing all week and now it's time to do the anti-responsible thing and go blow about half that money. MWAHAHA. No I'm totally kidding, I would never do that. Responsi-bear never shuts down within me.

Leave some love below with your favorite season-y things and check back in tomorrow for a fresh Friday Favorites! If you’re looking for more giggles and trinkets of joy, feel free to check out my twitter @npamani or my tumblr, The Daily QuirCk.

Peace and love my little muffinheads! xx Nikbear