Summer of Noms: Bar Food

Whether you're looking for a happy hour accompaniment, late night drunken munchies, or the morning after carb-filled brunch.... the bars of NYC have got you covered. Never in my life did I think that bar food could be so freaking delicious.

Photo by Anna S.

There are, of course, a few places that I tend to frequent for specific things. (You're not a New Yorker until you're a regular customer in at least 4 establishments - FACT.)

For this edition of Summer of Noms, I'm sharing some of my pub-related secrets with ya'll!

1. Stumble Inn - One of my most favorite bars, despite the abundance of frat bros and never ending Top 40 music. Gather up a group of people and head over to the Stumble Inn (or any of its sister locations) to enjoy insane drink specials, the best stuffed burgers EVER, and maybe a few rounds of beer pong.

2. Pony Bar - Another one of my most favorite places. Every beer is either $5 or $6 and will be one of many super crafty brews that you've probably never heard of. Not to be missed on the menu are the Braised Lamb Sliders and the Fried Pickles. Yummmmyyyyy.

3. Finnegan's Wake - My local watering hole. It's filled with the older folk of the UES that have been living here for 20+ years. Maybe that's why I love it so for a quiet meal with my book. My favorite thing to order here is the Shepherd's Pie (a pub classic), and they make it really well.

4. One and One - I used to waitress at this pub, and it will always be one of my most favorite places to check out on the LES. Monday nights were (are?) wing nights - insane deals on INSANE wings. Definitely try the sweet potato fries as a snack or the steak and eggs if you're looking for brunch.

I'm sure you guys all have your favorite spots to grab a burger at 3am, so spill. I need to expand my options for late night munchies out of my neighborhood, and I'm enlisting YOUR HELP. Drop it all in the comments below!

Feasting on french fries, xx Nikbear