Summer of Noms: Date Night

Hello friends and followers! Have my NYC peoples been enjoying this absolutely STUNNING day? I think that summer is finally here to stay. Just in time for June! Woohoo! I've decided to start a new seasonal series to honor all the delicious food I plan on eating this summer. I present to thee, my Summer of Noms. I'm kicking off the series with a list of some of my favorite Upper East Side date night spots. Fellas, bookmark this post and impress all your lady friends with your UES restaurant savvy.

Margaritas at MXCO

1. Ko Sushi - One of my new favorite spots at 70th & 2nd. They have some seriously creative (and super tasty) rolls at totally reasonable sushi prices. The ambiance is really cute too and the service is nothing less than spectacular! I highly recommend the Sakura Roll, the Ninja Roll and the seaweed salad. Yummmmm.

2. Flex Mussels - Hands down one of my favorite restaurants in ALL of Manhattan. They have two locations - one at 82nd & 3rd and the other in Chelsea. At first, you might think this place is a gym but it's actually a restaurant devoted almost entirely to mussels. Order one of their 23 different sauces and get a MASSIVE steel pot of piping hot oh-s0-delicious mussels. I love this place so much that I have their menu on my fridge at home - I'm determined to work my way through the menu before I leave NYC.

3. Beyoglu - Just around the corner from Flex, is this stellar Mediterranean restaurant. The cutest little place, with heart warming decor, and food to die for me. Not to be missed on the menu are the hummus (obviously - but wait till you try their pita bread), Sigara Borek (filo dough stuffed with feta cheese - a Mediterranean mozzarella stick if you will), and the divine Doner Kebab (if they haven't sold out of it already). So much win packed into one little restaurant. I don't even know what to do with myself.

4. Mxco - Because there's nothing better in the whole world than well made Mexican food and margaritas. Seriously. Nothing better. Mxco is located at 78th & 2nd and serves up some mean Chicken Enchiladas and Grilled Mahi Mahi Tacos. Throw in some guacamole and tequila and that just might be my perfect date right there!

Obviously, great restaurants are dime a dozen in this city... but these are a few of my absolute favorite places on the UES for date night specifically. Something about good food and cocktails mixed with dim lighting and intimate seating. It's everything I could ever want for a special night on the town!

What are some of your favorite date night spots? Are you and your honey's regulars anywhere? Do they know your orders by heart - substitutions and all? Drop it all in the comments below!

Sending you taco flavored keeeeeesssssses, xx Nikbear