The Frabjuous Season

Hello friends and followers! HAPPY SUMMER! Memorial Day weekend looms! The very fact that I'm sitting on my couch with all my windows open wearing shorts fills me with more joy than I can even begin to express.

Does anyone else in the northeast feel like this was the winter that would not go away? Maybe it's just because I'm still readjusting to life back in the greater New York area, and this season (unlike last winter) I didn't take as many tropical weekend getaways as I would have liked. #firstworldproblems

Anyways - with summer inching its way closer, my friends and I have been running around the city engaging in various shenanigans. And making lots of plans for even more shenanigans.

Horizontal in Central Park

So what does summer in the city entail exactly? Well, I'm still in the process of figuring it out, but here's what I've come up with so far:

1. EATING. Granted, this is something that everyone does in the winter, but it doesn't have the same appeal as throwing on a sundress on a hungover Sunday to head to your favorite local diner for brunch. Eggs Benedict have become a weekend must have. Post brunch beers and/or snoozing in Central Park are also a necessity. (If you're a NYC local and you want to come nap in the sunshine with me, you'll more than likely find me sprawled face down on a blanket in Sheep Meadow.) But it's not just brunch - it's every meal. And sometimes not even at meal time. All the restaurants and cafes have opened up their outdoor seating and I feel as though no matter what time of day it is, there are always willing patrons to fill up the chairs and tables. ALSO, not to be forgotten: summer BBQs. Slightly more difficult to finagle in the city, but not completely impossible (thanks JuJu).

2. BOOZING. Bottomless mimosas, discount pitchers of summer bears, rooftop bars galore, and extended happy hours. Yeah, alright New York. We get it. You like to drink. If summer doesn't bring out the alcoholic that lives within you, nothing will. Fruity cocktails and wheat beers YUM.

3. FITNESS. If we're going to spend most of our time eating and drinking, I'm going to need some exercise too. Suddenly the gyms are packed again and everyone is out running/jogging/walking in the parks. I feel like there's more of a fitness frenzy this year because bikini season kind of snuck up on us. As for me? I'm starting my training for a 5K run in July. It's going. Slowly.

4. NEVER ENDING WEEKENDS. When the weather outside is delightful, it doesn't matter if it's a Friday night or a Wednesday night. People want to party. In my recent experience, I've deducted that Wednesday is the new Friday. Why? I don't know. People just seem to want to party on Wednesday nights. I'm OK with it.

5. FRIENDLINESS. Everyone comes out of their apartments to interact with neighbors on the sidewalk. It's as if summer has literally put the life and breath back into the city. I love the soft hustle and bustle in my neighborhood of people going to dinners or just enjoying a post dinner drink at an outdoor cafe.

7. MUSIC. Festival season is here! Time to spend all my moneys on weekend camping and dancing trips. I've already secured my ticket for Electric Forest, and I'm toying with several other festivals. Aside from the festivals though, this city is a bottomless well of fantastic shows and titillating tunage. Last week I got to see THE Carl Cox at Output. So. Much. Win.

8. MOVIES. Summer movies are actually the best thing. I just saw The Great Gatsby (well done Leo, go die Toby, and BEST SOUNDTRACK EVER.... is pretty much the sparknotes of my review). Every year I turn to TV and Netflix in the winter so that I can hibernate in my little bear cave. But summer time has some of the best releases ever and i will gladly shell out $15 to see a great movie on the big screen. But I'm bringing my own popcorn. Deal with it.

The season we wait for all year is finally here, and right now? Right now is perfect. Not too hot yet, everyone's super jazzed that the weather is finally turning up, and people haven't burned out yet from partying too much.

So, friends? What do your summer plans entail? Anything exciting happening for the long weekend? Drop it all in the comments below!

Summer breezes and popsicle flavored kisses, xx Nikki