Tiny Projects!

When the world goes to shit, sit down and do a tiny project. This is one of the most valuable traditions I have adopted in my life to date. It all started in college when two of my friends would invite people over to their apartment for a night of beers and painting mini canvases.

Not surprisingly, their apartment walls were covered with artwork (both murals and on canvases) and it was the most inspiring and amazing place to be in.

Whenever midterms/finals season would come around, we would often take a night off or a couple hours off from studying to sit around and let the creative juices flow. We would paint, giggle and periodically sing the phrase "tie-nay projects". It was the most calming and beautiful experience ever.

I quickly adopted the ritual and, when the going got tough, I would stop, breathe, and spend a good deal of time decorating my various residence's walls with painted murals. My senior year of college, I had just moved into my first solo apartment and was completely swamped with 6 classes and an internship. I decided to take a night off from the madness and treat myself to a bottle of white wine, two cans of paint, and a blank wall in my living room. I'm not super talented when it comes to painting, but I can paint swirlie-type-thangs. Here's a photo of me and part of my mural on my first solo Diwali:

Not only did I calm my brain and reset back to a state of normalcy, I added a beautiful piece of myself to my apartment. It made my place feel more like home and every time I walked into my apartment, it just made me that much happier to be there.

Tonight I took on a new tiny project! I passed by a wine store earlier today that was giving away free wooden crates. I picked up two of the crates, went to the hardware store, got sand paper and paint, and created gorgeous new storage pieces for my NYC apartment. It was so necessary after a week of craziness and I forgot how important it is to take a step back and do something silly, superfluous, and soulful every once in a while.

It's important to remember to take care of our souls, especially as a creative person. Whether you're working on a tiny project, reading a book before bedtime, cooking a healthy meal, or just taking a bubble bath - do something that makes you feel bubbly and happy inside as often as possible.

This is day 4 on my journey to a happy place, and I feel so much better already.

xx Nikbear