Tunesdaze of November


Happy Tuesday, friends! The weather outside today is rather frightful, so I've decided to snuggle up on my couch in my favorite hoodie with a giant mug of homemade caramel macchiato. What better time to start yet another weekly blog series?!

I'm a music junkie. It's true. In this day and age, it's hard not to be. My addictions aren't really confined to any one genre - you can often find me jamming out to old tunes and new ones, fresh techno beats and throwback R&B. I've even been known to listen to the radio and rock out to the newest Katy Perry/Ke$ha song. Yep. If you don't believe me, just ask my best bear about my strange obsessions in the summer of 2010. She'll tell you all the horror stories.

Anyways - my ear candy addiction has most recently been fueled by Spotify. Ah, yes, Spotify. The magic app that gets me through my days with minimal ads and infinite options. I thought it'd be fun to do a monthly post to share with you some of the tunes that keep me chairplaning and fist bumping and just generally hopping around the city.

Big thanks to all my friends that are constantly introducing me to new music, specifically muffins like Dorfner, Hillary, & Laura! You guys are the bestest

So without further ado.... I present to you, TunesDaze (because it's Tuesday and it's musical and.... do ya see what I did there? Do ya see it?) OK, well... ENJOY! And don't forget to leave me some comments with your favorite songs right meow!

xx Nikbear

** Whooops. In the epic Spotify cleansing of 2015 I accidentally deleted this playlist. If you somehow found yourself here in the depths of my archives, I hope you will accept my HypeMachine profile as a consolation prize. xxx Nik