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  Hey there friends and followers! I hope that you’re all having a great start to 2013 and are doing well with your personal and professional goals so far.

In this week’s Industry Hump post I want to talk about my favorite way to declutter my Twitter feed.

I think Twitter is a great tool. When it first came out, I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t understand it. At all. I looked at the platform and sort of thought to myself “So, it’s like a lame version of Facebook with only status updates? That sounds really, really dumb. I don’t understand why anyone would EVER join that.”

I joined anyways, because I was young and in college and I wanted to play around with it before officially shutting it down and out of my life for good. Try everything once type deal. So I made an account, tinkered for an hour or two, decided it wasn’t for me, and then forgot about it.

A year passed, during which Twitter worked out a few minor kinks in the system and gained some very necessary street cred. I still wasn’t too keen on the whole Twitter experience, but I was aware of it and I knew that teens and tweens were really into it. Shocking, right? Teens feel in love with a social media platform that let them post their every waking thought and emotion in a live stream. SHOCK. ING.

Photo by The Urban Shogun

Suddenly it was my last semester of college and I decided to enroll myself in a Social Media Marketing class. Actually, it was the first social media marketing class offered at UM (just to give you an idea of how new this concept was at the time). In this class we talked about all kinds of ways to market brands, products, services, concepts, campaigns, and people using a variety of digital and social outlets. Twitter was at the forefront of all of our discussions.

My eyes were suddenly opened to a whole new world of possibilities. Not only did it all make sense to me, but it all came very easily and naturally to me. I grasped concepts quickly and saw innovative and exciting ways to implement social strategies.

I fell in love with Twitter. Hard. Not gonna lie, it was kind of scary.

My only qualm with the system was that I didn’t have the time or attention span to be staring at my Twitter feed all day everyday. I wanted the information, but with real time updates it was hard to sift through and find consistently relevant information. I felt scatter brained going through my feed. In one moment I’d be reading a tweet about breaking news from Africa, and in the next moment I’d be reading a hilarious but rather inappropriate joke tweeted by one of my favorite comedians.

My thoughts and emotions were all over the place and it was starting to take a toll on me. The OCD part of my brain couldn’t handle this mayhem and constant flippy-floppy-ness.

That’s when I discovered the wonder of Twitter lists. OH GLORIOUS TWITTER LISTS, I REALLY DON’T KNOW WHAT I WOULD DO WITHOUT YOU.

My Twitter Lists

I organized my followings into a few different lists: I have a list for my real world friends, a list for people that inspire me, a list for my favorite comedians, a list for sheer ridiculousness, a list for news headlines, and a list for local NYC happenings.

Now when I go to my Twitter, I can filter my results and maintain at least a sense of order by having one custom tailored category in front of me. Why is it custom tailored? Because I defined it and populated it. Made by the Nikbear and for the Nikbear. Boom.

It takes all of two seconds to make a Twitter list and, if you’re like me and often feel overwhelmed by your jumbled feed, I guarantee it will make your experience much more enjoyable.

You can make as many lists as you like and they can be private or public. What's the difference? A public list is visible to the entire Twitterverse and other Tweeters can follow your fabulous and well-curated list. In contrast, a private list is only visible to you. You know, in case you don't feel like sharing your OCD tendencies with the whole world.

I hope that this post has helped bring a little bit of serenity and order to your Twitter account! If you want to check out/subscribe to any of my lists, you can check them all out here. And if you absolutely loved this post and want more of me on a daily dose, you can follow me on Twitter @npamani (don't forget to give me a shout out so I can follow you back)!

Are you already using lists? Got any other helpful tips on Twitterficiency? Think I should be following you or someone equally spectacular? Drop it all in the comments below, and thanks for tuning in for another Industry Hump post!

See you all next week for more marketing and media tips!

Tweeting and twatting all day long, xx Nikbear