Welcome to the Entertainment Industry

All my life, I've never really cared about the world of celebrities or reality shows or awards ceremonies. I've always found them to be silly. I know maybe 5 actresses and 5 actors by name and face and please don't ask me if X and Y are still together because I'll probably just say "Who and who?" For these reasons I find it extremely wild that this summer I am interning at MTV Networks and working with the International Department on projects regarding their primetime shows and music/movie awards. If learning more about digital media wasn't enough of a challenge for this summer, I am now finding myself trying to catch up and keep up with the celeb lives. I find myself actually reading tabloids (and yes I still find them freakin hilarious and absurd, but definitely more relevant) and I'm not sure if its a change I like or not. Everyday at work we are sent out a blast email containing all the entertainment headlines for the day. And everyday I read through, select the most ridiculous one, and share it with my friends on facebook.


Christian Newswire, a homophobic public relations company, has issued a press release blaming Ellen DeGeneres sexual orientation for the decline in American Idol’s ratings this season. While ratings for the hit singing competition did in fact decline this year, the show still consistently beat out all other TV programs on the nights it aired.

This brings me to another point: the use of the internet. There are a lot of things about the Internet that I hate but working with digital media here in New York this summer has made me have a greater understanding and appreciation for the use of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter in the media industry. I had never understood the concept of Twitter, much less why anyone would want to use it obsessively to update a status, until I actually started seeing it being applied in the entertainment industry. Especially with the management of foreign sectors! I'm hoping to learn more about these aspects this summer because, as much as I may hate to say this, the world is relying increasingly on these outlets and the Internet to deliver information.
Okee dokee. Lunch break is over. Back to work I go!! Stay tuned for more updates from your Little Bear in the Big Apple!
xxx Nikki