Ok, so I never actually finished the #trust30 challenge. Shame on me. In my defense, however, my life has been incredibly hectic since my last post. So let's see if I can do a sparknotes-esque recap of the last month. Immediately after my last post I went for the Electric Forest Festival with a whole bunch of old friends and new ones. If you go back to one of my earlier posts (CLICK!) you'll see that I had my heart set on a few different summer festies, so I'm really glad I made it to at least one of them. I had a stellar time and it was the perfect last hurrah before I seriously got back on my grind.

And boy oh boy have I been grinding away.

I got back from Electric Forest and immediately began preparing for a full two week project of providing media relations for a client based in India. The clients were coming in from India to do a 'road tour' and a series of events promoting their resort and spa as the new and upcoming destination in India. As the media relations expert for their tour, I was ready to handle anything and everything they could possibly throw at me. And I did an awesome job, if I do say so myself.

At the same time, I decided that I want to start my own media relations company to work freelance projects such as this one. So. Ladies and gentlemen, friends and family, I am proud to announce that I am in the throes of developing Media OSA. Media OSA - for all your media needs. Whether it be graphic design, event management, media relations, presentations with pizazz, photography, content production, website management, etc. etc. You need it, I got it, let's make magic together.

On top of ALL that, I have been persistent about my intentions of wanting to move out of my parents house by August 1st. Well. My dream came true. I signed a lease today itself for an ADORABLE studio apartment in Manhattan on the UES. I get the keys on Monday (AUGUST 1st) and will be spending all of next week moving in and nesting. SQUEE TO THE 2398324820934TH POWER. This means lots of pictures and posts coming up in the next week to show you all my lovely progress.

I love my parents, but I'm stoked to finally be getting out of the house. This summer was a nice vacation from reality, but I honestly do thrive best when I'm on my grind. Not to mention, once I'm in the city I'll be able to find more work and do more things to keep myself occupied and well paid. AND I get to bring my naked Thursdays (which is seriously the best thing ever - if you have not adopted naked Thursdays yet, I urge you to do so)

Looking back on the #trust30 posts I did, I realize that they were perfect for me at a time when I didn't know what I should be doing with my life. They were a great way for me to sit down and write out exactly how I felt about a number of things that had been on my mind. I am sorry I didn't finish the initiative, but I know that the objective was reached regardless. Thank you #trust30 for helping me sort out the crap from the stuff that really matters and reach this place of self confidence and self-trust. I really do trust myself and my instinct more than ever. So. Here goes nothing.

Stay tuned friends! xxx